Sockers FC welcomes all players to tryout for our club. The tryout element is a chance for the club to evaluate the player, this is the only time the player will have to tryout again for the program. Once registered the player has a home with the Sockers FC program.

How to sign up for a Tryout?
Online Registration is required for all players wishing to become members of Sockers FC.
As we offer multiple dates throughout the month of May for each age group and location; all specific dates are available in My Sockers as you go through the registration process.  All tryout dates are posted on My Sockers (our club online system).  To sign up for a specific tryout you will need to complete the online registration process.
Registration instructions are as follows:
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign Up”
  3. Enter a username and password and click sign up
  4. Enter parent’s First name and Last name and then click save name
  5. In above bar, you will see orange icons indicating what requires further attention. Please click each one and complete.
  6. EMAIL -After you enter your email, you will receive a confirmation email, which you will need to click the link in order confirm your email.
    TEXT- you will receive a text code to enter
    PARENTS- you can enter each parent/guardian
  7. Once completed, click the “My Team” icon in the upper left corner and proceed to “Register for Tryouts
To register for tryouts after creating an account
  1. Log into “My Team Events”
  2. Highlighted in blue in upper right corner – click on “register for tryouts”
  3. Select the player you wish to register, or add a new player.
  4. Fill in all blanks marked in “red”
  5. From the populated list, there are dates within each location; McHenry/Northwest, Naperville/Wheaton or Schaumburg/Palatine. Select the date within that location.
  6. Accept the tryout waiver
  7. Print out confirmation-bring to the tryout. 
If you need assistance, please contact Alyssa at 847-788-5326.