Sockers FC want to provide the best environment for young soccer players to reach their maximum potential. Through staff integration and education, our staff can provide the best social, competition, and game-based-training environment for each player to develop individually within a team concept. It is our goal to continue to be a leading example in the US for developing players.


We overcome obstacles together

We are loyal in every context – We create ownership of the club through transparency

Winning Mentality

Work harder than the opponent

We celebrate every victory – big or small – We dare to choose potential


We take advantage of every skill we have

We are adaptable

We accept our differences


We are interested in every person

We treat everybody with respect

We’re there for each other – when it’s easy and when it’s tough


Is used to bring stability and structure, along with teaching players to be respectful and responsible.


We are well-prepared and share our knowledge

We always do our best

We spread positive energy


Provide well-organized and equal opportunity soccer instruction in the Chicagoland and greater Midwest area that fosters the development of youth athletes at all performance levels, with consideration to individual ability, potential, and interest, without regard to gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic standing.