Tryout Information

Sockers FC welcomes all players to tryout for our club. The tryout element is a chance for the club to evaluate the player, this is the only time the player will have to tryout again for the program. Once registered the player has a home with the Sockers FC program.

How to sign up for a Tryout?


Online Registration is required for all players wishing to become members of Sockers FC.
As we offer multiple dates throughout the month of May for each age group and location; all specific dates are available in DASH as you go through the registration process.  All tryout dates are posted on DASH (our club online system).  To sign up for a specific tryout you will need to complete the online registration process.


Registration instructions are as follows:


Step 1: Create an online account (parent)

  1. Go to the DASH link Click here.
  2. If you are new to DASH, go to item #2 under "New Customer Registration"
  3. Enter in an email address you want associated with your family account
  4. Click Sign Up...
  5. You will be taken to the "Customer Account Page"
  6. Fill out form completely. Add ALL of your children at this time, even if they will not be registering for a soccer team.
  7. Make a note of your new password.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email.
  9. Click the link within the email to confirm your registration...

You are all finished and ready for "Step 2" below...


Step 2: Register for Tryout

  1. Go to the DASH link Click here.
  2. Log in to your DASH account
  3. Select Player's name
  4. Select the “player” you wish to register
  5. Click "2017-2018" Tryouts
  6. Under the results – there will be three options including three different "Locations"
  7. Under results – click the appropriate “register” for Tryout for the location you wish to try-out
  8. Select only ONE date which you would like to attend the tryout.
  9. Check the appropriate medical/allergy option
  10. Click “checkout” and proceed to complete registration. When payment is made you will receive a “payment receipt” via email with tryout confirmation.