Sockers FC Chicago's official travel agent is with The Perfect Plan and Barbara Cole.  Her contact information can be seen below.Sockers FC Chicago Travel Agent: The Perfect Plan - Barbara Lyman-Cole (888) 843-7212 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I. A stipulation of being accepted into any Sockers FC Chicago Tournament is that ALL out of town teams must book rooms through the tournament mandated process and designated Housing Bureau, Perfect Plan Events & Travel, Ltd. (888-843-7212).

II. There is a mandatory 2-nights stay for all out of town teams for a minimum of 26 room nights per team. Any deviation from this total must be preapproved by Housing Director, Barbara Cole (888-843-7212).

III. If teams cancel more than 50% of their entire room block within one (1) week of the tournament start date, they could be subject to charges for one night per room plus tax, for their entire block of rooms originally listed on the rooming list.

Nike Classic Fall Mandated Hotels List

Nike Classic Spring Mandated Hotels List

Nike Memorial Day Mandated Hotels List

Nike College Showcase Mandated Hotels List


All teams/players must read and follow the process below for your team:

IV. Team Manager or Travel Coordinator must provide either copies or explanation of the tournament hotel rules and procedures to their players/families.

V. The tournament housing coordinator, Barbara Cole, Perfect Plan Events & Travel will coordinate all tournament/team housing (888-843-7212).

VI. Tournament-mandated hotels are listed on the tournament website “Travel and Hotels”. Hotel preferences are granted based on availability at the time of your registration. The size of our hotel blocks vary from hotel and first choices may not always be available. Hotel preferences will be accommodated on hotel availability.

VII. Additional hotels may be added as room blocks are filled.


Team Manager/Coach or Travel Coordinator:

  • Please provide a copy of these rules with members of your group prior to arrival.Sockers FC Chicago expects respectful behavior of their own players and representatives and therefore REQUIRES the same respectful behavior of representatives of your organization while attending Sockers FC Chicago tournament events.

  • Your behavior is a direct reflection of the club that your represent.

All team group stays will be contracted and ALL guests must adhere to the following requirements or provisions of individual group/team contract:

  • All mandated tournament hotels require a minimum 2-night stay. Early departures (parties checking out earlier than the departure date listed on the team rooming list contract) are subject to fees determined by the hotel (typically one night room and tax).Absolutely no discounts, coupons or other hotel rates will pertain to our tournament guests.

  • Children are not allowed in hallways or common areas of hotels after 11:00 p.m. All youth under the age of 15 must be in guest room before 11:00 p.m.

  • Parents or team coach/club representative will be held responsible to compensate the hotel for any loss in the event of any damage to hotel property.

  • The hotel regarding violation of rules, including excessive noise or unruly behavior, will give one warning. If behavior persists, it will result in removal from hotel property. NO refund of hotel or tournament registrations will be made in this case.